Jac of All Trades

I sometimes refer to myself as the Jac of All Trades, although it might be more accurate to say Jac of Many Trades. I have healthy zeal for life which tends to boil down to me doing too many things. I write; I cook; I play with my daughter; I do yoga; I play music; I meditate; I volunteer; I teach kids classes; I go for walks. In other words, I want to do everything all the time and that means that I don’t usually get around to doing everything.

In November I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but two days before that all began, I found out I was pregnant. So last month was a mad dash of writing about 1,000-1,667 words a day for a novel I’ve been working on since 2013 (yes, it does have yogic themes!) combined with the incredible fatigue of the first trimester of pregnancy. By 7:00 or 7:30pm I usually found myself on the couch wishing I didn’t already feel like crawling into bed. I’m now 12 weeks pregnant and feeling more energetic as I near my second trimester, but also trying to catch up on the other things I put off in the name of writing for the month of November.

The good news: since joining the Abundant Mama Peace Circle, I’ve been able to take my own advice and do a minimum of five minutes of yoga daily. It doesn’t sound like a huge accomplishment, but it gets to the heart of the deepest, most down-to-earth aspect of yoga: daily devotion. Devotion to your best/highest self, devotion to taking care of yourself to be a better mom and person, and devotion to something bigger than you, whether that’s your family, your community, or higher power.

So, I do apologize for flaking out on my posts here; it is actually so unlike me, but in stepping outside of that idea of ‘me,’ I was able to make that shift into a better ‘me’ that I had a hard time embodying: the yoga mama that embraces five fully present moments on the yoga mat instead of waiting for a full hour to try to recapture the yogi that I was before I became a mom. Cheers to the mom that I became and am constantly evolving into each and every day. And cheers to the moms you all have the potential to be and become every day, too!