Nothing more than feelings

Sense. Sensation. Sensual. Sensory.

We hardly ever think of yoga as sensual or even sensory; maybe some of us often think that yoga doesn’t make sense, with all the Sanskrit terms, unusual practices, and bendy poses that are unattainable (or even inappropriate) for many.

But yoga is just as much about feeling as it is about doing, and that is where pratyahara comes in. Pratyahara is all about the senses; technically, it means withdrawal of the senses. But as moms, we often can’t do that. We need to be present and vigilant to keep our little ones safe, happy, and sometimes entertained. And even when the kids are older, there are still so many things to do on any given day.

So how does a mom (especially one with a small child) practice pratyahara? For the rest of 2019, as we go forth into the holiday season, a time when our senses sometimes get overloaded, I’ll share my thoughts on how pratyahara can be part of our practices without cutting us off from our surroundings. Because motherhood is the ultimate sadhana. Stay tuned:)