touching the wall with awareness

“If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.”

-Ray Kroc, CEO of McDonald’s

Yes, I actually did use a quote from McDonald’s and it has so much to do with yoga...if you also reverse it: “If you’ve got time to clean, you’ve got time to lean.” I used to work in restaurants and cafes where the above quote was used all the time to push employees to be constantly productive on the clock.

The thing is, if we apply the same gusto to motherhood, it can end in burnout. Of course there will always be something to clean, especially with little ones around. But, we gotta remember that ‘leaning,’ a.k.a. taking time to kick back and relax, is just as important to making our daily routines sustainable.

So, kick back, or rather, spread your fingers wide, press your palm into the wall, and push back gently. Bend your elbow; straighten it. Shrug your shoulder up to your ear, then relax it down on the exhale. Circle your neck gently. Lean into your hand slightly, then push off the wall. If your wrists are sensitive or tight, tent the fingers (just touch the wall with your fingertips, not your palm), or bend your elbow and drop it toward the ground to decrease the angle between the arm and wrist.

How does it feel? Can you do this for 30 seconds, a minute, a few minutes? Does it make a difference in your body?

This is part of a Tuesday series on mini yoga practices for momlife. Here’s the intro post. I know, I’m a day late, but can I blame mommy brain and an especially hectic day with the littles? Hopefully it gives you mamas some permission to be a little late now and then, or to drop a few things here or there when things get crazy. Speaking of which, go take a little break from cleaning and do some leaning:)