Time to lean

“Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.”

-J.K. Rowling

Words pull on the threads of thought that tangle their way through my mind. Sometimes a word like ‘breathe’ floats through me, overused and sort of cliche when it comes to making efforts to calm down or let go of stress. 

This month I’ve been focusing on the word Connection. I set an intention to connect through slowing down, listening (to myself and others), and writing (to connect to my heart and mind).

As June ends, I’ve been waiting for another ‘word of the month’ to come to me. Getting grounded has been tough for me lately and so I came upon the word ‘sink.’ It’s a nice, specific cue to relax and let go. Sink into the bed beneath me as I lay down to sleep; sink my butt into the couch (if and when I get a sec to sit on the couch); sink into a squat as my spine rises up long. To me, sink means letting go into gravity while releasing any extra effort that just turns into tension. To me it feels like letting go of engagement so I can truly exhale.

And then, to really feel the act of sinking in every cell of my body, I imagine the slow, steady sense of falling in cool blue water or the feeling of my body making an impression on a cushy mattress.

What’s a word besides ‘relax’ or ‘breathe’ that helps you let go and find calm?

This is part of a weekly series of mini practices that help busy moms integrate yoga into their days. Here’s the intro post:)

And yes, I did post it a day late, but aren’t most moms late now and then just because life gets in the way. I’ll try better next time, I promise!